“Strangers, again” Short Film Review


I have been a fan of Wongfu Productions for a few years now and this must be my favorite piece that they have done.  Not only am I impressed with the camera-work (as I am in every project of theirs) but the storyline is what I really love about this short film. It’s just so relatable to relationships these days, not to mention my recent relationship as well. I really like the way they were able to play out different stages of the couple’s relationship and switch back and forth with first-person narrative at the same time. It allows the audience to really sympathize with Josh’s character. I think without having the first-person narrative, the film would have a completely different feel. We would lose that side of the story and only be able to observe the couple by what is shown. It’s interesting how small added details like that can make such a difference in a piece.


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